Janet Lewis Art
Sculptural, wearable one-of-a-kind pieces by Jan Lewis 

For years I have treasure-hunted flea markets, antique stores and estate sales to find unique pieces to complete each vintage jewelry creation. Vintage buttons, thimbles, glass beads and found photographs are just part of the treasure I use to create each unique piece.

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Click on an image to enlarge:
Salt bottle tops, sterling silver, pearls, bone necklace
Dog tags, ice flake gray quartz, facetted quartz, onyx
Dog tags, brass, quartz,onyx
Sterling silver salt shaker earrings
Tin Type surrounded by red velvet, Victorian buttons, brass clock piece, chain
Vintage mirror
 w/lady's image on brass chain
Vintage undergarment buttons, sterling silver, glass, brass earrings
Vintage thimble. Victorian buttons, beads, brass chain
Vintage buttons and brass scissors earrings
Vintage brass hearts, glass earrings
Vintage undergarment buttons and sterling silver earrings
Onyx, aged hand-formed patina copper
Lapus lazuli, coral, agate, quartz, nut, recycled bottle glass, sea glass, copper, brass.
17.5"w with 3" drop
Necklace and earring set:
carbed Butterscoth Rose Carnelian, red poppy seed jasper, recycled bottle glass, Alaskan coral, horn, agate, brass, handmade clasp. 21"w with 1.75" drop
#176  (SOLD)
Coral, granite, quartz, coconut, tiger eye, turquoise, recycle bottle glass, brass. 15.5"w with 2" drop
#115 (SOLD)
Pakistani nut, horn, agate, bone, coral. 16" - 25" on leather slider with 5" drop
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